'Peace of Mind' Vs 'A Piece of My Mind'

If we are using the word ‘mind’ to describe our brains – or our personal laptops as I have come to think of them – then the definition fits and the peace we feel comes from an absence of concern. But that’s not how I interpreted ‘peace of mind’ when I read it the other day. I thought of Mind (or energy, or spirit, or whatever else you want to call it), as the intelligence behind all life, and it changed the meaning of this phrase for me. Let me illustrate.

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Most people I know have strong views on forgiveness. We all hold ideas about what is forgivable and what is not, what it means about us if we forgive and if we don't, or what it means to be granted or denied forgiveness.

In the end though, forgiveness is a willingness to let go of our thoughts of hurt, anger, fear or sadness that surround an act. Once something is over in 'real time,' it is only kept alive by how willing we are to entertain it as a thought. If we were hurt, either emotionally or physically by someone, we suffer if we are not willing to drop our thoughts of it. In this sense, forgiveness is a beautifully selfish act. It allows us to let go and move on.

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Thinking Out Loud

The ability to listen, while withholding judgement and the need to jump in with an opinion or solution is sometimes the greatest gift we can offer those around us. Unless you are clearly being asked for advice, try simply listening and seeking to understand the situation from your colleague, friend or loved one's perspective. Notice how often they reach their own solutions as a result.

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